Hello Spring!

Have you ever been to the island in Spring?   If you’ve been here in the summer, you will have great recollections of the splendid sunshine, the beaches and the pleasant summer evenings.  Spring, however, is a completely different cocktail of experiences! Read More

A Family-friendly Holiday in Gozo

There’s no doubt that Gozo is a fantastic holiday destination. However recently it has been frequently mentioned in the context of a family-friendly holiday places, sun-fun and culture or simply top secret hideaways with little ones.  This does not surprise us and here’s why!Read More

Planning your 2017 Spring Time Getaway

We’re in the Christmas season but some of us might already be dreaming and planning glorious spring holiday. If that’s your case then this blog post is for you… It’s true that the Gozitan winters are very mild and that weather is so clement that no one is ever stuck inside.Read More

Discover Christmas in Gozo

If you’ll be visiting the island during the Christmas season you will be glad to know that during this time, Gozo has an extra dose of cultural activities and events that revolve around the celebration of Christmas in Gozo as a feast that you can enjoy.Read More

Gozo Weather

One of the greatest advantages of a holiday in Gozo must be the carefree Gozo weather.  For most part of the year the weather is mild. This means that overall there is less hassle if you’re planning your vacation!

Summers are hot and dry and often the island does not get any rain during the summer months.  Whilst this might give the idea of barren summer fields, this is absolutely not the case as the Gozitan farmers tend to their fruit crop with care and this yields bountiful watermelons, melons and a variety of other produce.   Read More

Beautiful Autumn Time in Gozo

As the parched dry season of summer starts on its way out in early September, the cooler air breathes new life to the island of Gozo. It’s autumn time in Gozo when you can still enjoy the sea and beach and all that comes with it. If you’re visiting Gozo in autumn make sure you that you include a visit to an agritourism estate as there is a lot to enjoy during this season.Read More

Living like a local: Renting a Holiday Apartment!

If you’re planning a trip to Gozo, one important decision is accommodation.  In Gozo, there are many valid options but maybe one of the easiest is renting an apartment at one of the sea-side locations such as Marsalforn or Xlendi. The biggest advantage of an apartment rental in a location like Xlendi, is that you will be within walking distance from the bay.    This means that you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere and engage in sea-side living at different hours of the day. Read More

5 Tips about driving in Gozo for your Holiday

Some tips for safer driving in Gozo:

Depending on where you come from, please note that drivers in Gozo may drive on the opposite side of the road from what you are used to. Look both ways before crossing any road. Driving in Gozo means traffic can be a little more chaotic than you might be used to at home. Nevertheless, if you decide to visit the island the best way to explore Gozo is to hire a car, jeep, or people carrier.

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All you need to know about Xlendi Bay

Xlendi Bay

Gozo is an Island paradise; a hidden gem in the Mediterranean Sea surrounded with crystal clear waters with lots of sunshine all year round. Sunbathing weather is more or less guaranteed between June and September and regularly stretches from May to November. Gozo Island has some of the best beaches found in the Maltese archipelago.Read More

How to get from Malta airport to Gozo

Malta airport transfers – Xlendi Tourist Services

Interested in holidaying in Gozo, but wondering how to get from Malta airport to Gozo? Although, Gozo does not have an airport you will get the chance to enjoy a 25 minute ferry ride from Malta, passing by the little islands of Comino & Cominotto while enjoying the panoramic views of almost all the Maltese Islands. Not only do we offer the services of booking your Gozo accommodation but you can book all your holiday and travel needs directly with us including Malta airport transfers.
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Enjoy Gozo Car Rental

Gozo Car Rental

A realistic way of getting around the island of Gozo is by renting a car. Why? Well, some of Gozo’s wonders are only accessible by car, therefore tour buses are not an option. Also, renting a car for your Gozo holiday will be cheaper. Why book a taxi for every site you wish to visit, when you can save money and enjoy at your own leisure?!

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Explore the beautiful island of Gozo on a boat tour

Gozo Boat Tours

Gozo, the small island in the Mediterranean Sea, is the perfect getaway paradise. Some say, you can hardly see the tiny island on the map, what could one possibly do while on holiday in Gozo? Gozo, despite its size, offers plenty of exciting things to do; Spas, water sports, quad tours, abseiling, rock climbing, segway tours, country walks, and the list goes on… But my personal favourite is Gozo & Comino boat tours. When visiting Gozo, it is a MUST to discover the islands through a boat tour!Read More

Quad biking around the island of Gozo

Gozo Quad Biking Tours

Are you an adventure traveller who is looking for an exciting way to discover the beautiful island of Gozo? Well, quad biking is one of the trilling options we can offer! Drive through the narrow streets, valleys and along the spectacular cliffs of Gozo on these comfortable fun vehicles.Read More

Explore Gozo Island on a Segway Tour

Gozo Segway Tours

Your holiday in Gozo Malta needs to include a tour around the island! Ditch the conventional choices, such as the sightseeing bus and choose a fun way to explore every nook and cranny on the island with the battery operated self-balancing vehicle – Gozo Segway Tours Holidays! These guided tours are designed for exploring Gozo’s hidden gems without getting tired feet!Read More

Scuba Diving the Island of Gozo

Gozo Diving Holidays

Gozo Malta is renowned for being one of the best holiday destinations for scuba diving, not only in the Mediterranean, but in the world. The underwater visibility here is excellent with warm temperatures and stunning underwater scenery.  Experience scuba diving in Gozo and discover Gozo’s hidden tunnels, picturesque caves, colourful coral reefs, lively wrecks, pillars, and so much more.Read More

A fun way to explore Gozo

Gozo Jeep Tour

Gozo despite being small in size is an idyllic haven in the Mediterranean sea and has a lot to offer to all visitors. One super exciting way to discover the island is surely by going on a Gozo Jeep Tour as it offers the perfect holiday atmosphere!Read More

Gozo’s Top Tourist Attractions

Gozo Day Tours

Gozo is a spectacular place to visit! You will fall in love with the beautiful landscape and come across impressive historical UNESCO World Heritage sites and local culture. Whether you are an adventurous type, a beach lover, a photographer or into history and culture, there is no shortage of things to see and do in Gozo.Read More

Malta Day Tours

Malta’s Top Tourist Attractions

While holidaying in Gozo one certainly must visit Malta. Malta is packed with attractions and places of interest. The beautiful island of Malta is well known for its’ remarkable history, prehistoric temples and cultural heritage. There is so much to see and do in Malta and due to its size it’s easy to get around and visit Malta’s top attractions in just one day.Read More

Gozo, the perfect destination for a Walking Holiday!

Gozo Walking Holidays

Looking for a destination where you can truly relax and enjoy some great walks? Then Gozo is what you are looking for. The so called ‘Island of Love and Honey’ offers excellent surroundings for walking through rural lanes, across historical or religious walking paths and along breathtaking cliff edges – a truly rewarding experience! The second largest of the Maltese islands, nowhere in Gozo is too far away, makes it the ideal choice for a walking or hiking holiday. Enjoy the fresh Mediterranean air, the spring sun and mesmerizing blue sky while enjoying a pick nick break on your walking tour. Hiking allows you to discover ancient places of interest and historical treasures dating back to Roman times, like findings on the side of Ramla Beach in the North of Gozo.Read More